Prescott Valley House of Hope 316

Saving Elderly from Homelessness

Mission Statement:

The House of Hope 316 is a tangible example of God’s love to the elderly, by providing for their daily needs and giving them a home and a family, while telling them with our words and our actions, that they are loved and valued by us and by God – our loving Heavenly Father.



There is a growing epidemic in our country – elderly women and men are becoming homeless at an alarming rate. Many sleep in their cars (or anywhere they can) simply because of limited income. Others have a home but they live alone, in an unsafe way. Some get help from the government or family. Many don’t.

Too many become Homeless . . . Feeling Unloved or Forgotten . . . Alone . . . Unsafe . . . Without Hope.

After more than a year of prayer and planning, the House of Hope 316 (in Prescott Valley) opened the first house in 2019, the second in 2021, and the third in 2023. They are all adult independence facilities, providing a room, meals, and other services to the elderly. But they are more than that. They are a place where the residents can feel safe and loved and become part of a family. The second house opened in 2021 and the third in 2023 (all in Prescott Valley). We can now house and feed up to 19 elderly residents at any one time.

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Changed Lives

Thank You from Irma

IRMA’S STORY (in her own words)

“I was in a dire, hopeless situation. I was visiting a friend in Prescott and I had trouble breathing. At the hospital, they did triple bypass surgery, shaved off about 1/4 of my heart and put in a pace maker. After leaving the hospital, I went to a hotel for almost one month. The doctor said he would not release me to travel back to California because I was still too weak to travel. I was stuck in Prescott and in trouble. The hotel was my hotel was my only option but it cost a lot.

ONCE DEPRESSED AND SUICIDAL – I used all my money and maxed at my credit cards (paying for the hotel). I had no hope. I thought I would be homeless in the cold and snow. I was depressed and having suicidal thoughts. I prayed to God for help. I was down to my last day at the hotel, then someone paid for three more days and introduced me to Bert Hunt. Bert talked to me and after our interview, he invited me to live at the House of Hope.

HOUSE OF HOPE – The House of Hope was a very welcoming, very calm and serene place. Everyone was generous and helped with anything I needed. I felt secure and safe. And there was a spiritual aura and goodness about the place. The people were encouraging and friendly and there were Christians who were knowledgeable about the Bible. When I was in the hospital, I had promised God that I’d become a better person and better Christian if I made it. I wanted to be surrounded by good Christian people. I found that at the House of Hope where people are strong in their Christian faith. It was good for me.

MY FUTURE – I’ll be going back to California soon (in June, 2020) to be with my family (after about 6 months at the House of Hope). I want to learn to dance the flamingo. I also want to join a church and help other people who think they have no hope – like I did before I moved into the House of Hope.”

Home for Liz

H10 Ministries worked with Liz as a plan came together to relocate to Wisconsin.  There was money in the H10 Ministries budget to buy Lyn’s plane ticket and to get the shots needed for her dog to board the plane. On January 16, 2021, we took them to the Phoenix airport and they headed to Wisconsin to begin their new lives …….. NO LONGER HOMELESS ! 

“This was another time in my life when I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was homeless and had my little dog with me. I was worried I could lose him. Most shelters don’t except animals. What I can say for sure is that there are angels on Earth that were put in my path. Steve sacrificed his own shelter to keep Bentley and I safe and warm. I met Bert Hunt and instead of just telling me they were full and didn’t accept animals, he chose to help find a way to help us. Bert offered to send us to any state were there was someone who could take us in. Bert worked very hard to send us to Wisconsin to my friend Elizabeth. Because of the kindness of strangers and good friends, Bentley and I are now living in Wisconsin “God’s Country” and are doing well.”….. Lyn gives us a final quote, “If you put yourself in a place to receive, you will receive the truth.”

Janet Finds a Home

After raising a family and working for years, Janet and her husband retired. She never thought she would be homeless. After her husband died, she moved in with her daughter, who also passed away soon thereafter. When we met Janet, she had finally ended up with her granddaughter) whose husband didn’t want Janet to live in the house, so she was living in the wooden storage shed in the backyard that had no electricity and no plumbing). Then, Janet was told she had to leave even though she had no place to go. Fortunately, there was an opening at the House of Hope 316 and Janet moved in with us. She says “I’ve never been so thankful to find such a warm and welcoming place. I love the people here. I feel like we are family.”

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