A Burro for Jesus

“A Burro for Jesus” was written to glorify God, give proof that Jesus is alive and active in the world today, and to tell us how we can experience God’s power and love in a world that teaches us to ignore Him and pursue our own pleasure, possessions, popularity, and power.

In this book, Bert Hunt shares a collection of true stories about his adventures with God, who uses ordinary people like Bert and others to reach out to a lost and hurting world. It’s a book about how God works through people who are madly in love with Him and have a desire to obey Him, while sharing His passion for people who are lost.  It’s a book about how God uses average people to impact their part of the world – one life at a time. “A Burro For Jesus” deals with issues of marriage, prayer, raising children to love God, caring for the poor, how to move to a deeper walk with Jesus and how to become available for God to use as He builds His kingdom.

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