Application Policy

House of Hope 316

Application Policy – House of Hope 316


  1. The House of Hope 316 (hereafter referred to as “The House”) is a part of H10 Ministries, an Arizona 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.
  2. The application process for “The House” includes a written application, a personal interview, and the verifying of information gathered. In all cases, a background check will be conducted.
  3. Efforts will be made to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the information gathered from the applicant during the application process. This includes a background check, and the calling of the listed references (personal, prior employers, prior landlords). Attempts will be made to verify the medical history if there is a reason to question an applicant’s ability to live in a group independent living facility (either physical, mental, or emotional).
  4. The Director of “The House” (with the help of staff members and/or volunteers of his/her choice) will make the final decision about who and when an applicant can be accepted as a resident.
  5. At no time during this process will a person’s race, age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs (or lack of such) be a factor in which applications will be accepted and/or which residents will be accepted. These questions are not asked on the written application or in personal interviews. We do ask about date of birth and gender because of the target age we serve and because we will not house a man and a woman in the same semi-private room unless they are legally married. This information is also needed to complete the emergency medical form that we keep on file to send with any resident who has to go the hospital.
  6. We typically accept residents who are age 60 or older. In extreme situations, we will consider accepting a resident below the age of 60 on a case-by-case basis.
  7. “The House” is an adult group independent living facility. We do not provide any medical assistance of any kind. All residents must be able to physically and mentally perform their own activities of daily living (feed themselves, bathe and groom themselves, dress themselves, transfer from their chair, maintain continence, transfer to and from the toilet, be ambulatory).
  8. Residents must have the mental and emotional ability to live in a group independent living facility. There may be some applicants whom we cannot accept as a resident if their medical, physical, mental, and/or emotional needs are more than our staff is qualified or certified to handle. Exceptions may be made if the resident receives qualified and licensed home health care to assist with some of their needs.
  9. The new resident must adhere to our rules that are found in the “Resident’s Rights” document. This includes no use of alcohol or illegal/recreational drugs, no smoking or chewing of tobacco indoors, be respectful of the other staff and residents (and their property). Because of the Covid-19 virus, all residents must agree with our rules of being quarantined until it is deemed to be unnecessary (visitors must wear mask and social distance, no leaving the facility without permission from the Director, and to always practice the use of face masks and social distancing if they have permission to leave the facility – i.e., doctor’s appointments, group outings, etc.).
  10. When we accept a new resident, they join us as a “guest” (with no rent due) for the first week or two. Then, if we both feel their residency with us is a good “fit”, all parties will sign a lease agreement. If they are not a good “fit” due to their reluctance to follow rules, or their physical, medical, mental, or emotional health needs – we can “uninvite” them as a guest and they will leave without signing a lease. We will make efforts to help them find other suitable housing.
  11. When a resident enters into a lease, rent is set at a level based on their ability to pay (not to exceed $1,000 for a semi-private room and $1,400 for a private room). This includes all utilities, cleaning of the facility, furnishings, cable TV , WiFi, laundry services, and the preparation and serving of all meals.
  12. No one will be turned away from “The House” as a resident due to financial reasons. Rent will be determined by accessing their budget (total income, assets, expenses) and set a level that is comfortable for them. Residents with no income and no financial assets will not be charged rent.

Paid Staff and Volunteers

  1. The application process will consist of a written application, a face-to-face interview, a background check, calling references and verifying information obtained during the interview process.
  2. The decision to invite someone to join us as staff or as a volunteer is made by the Director of “The House with the help of any of his/her advisors.
  3. At no time during this process will a person’s race, age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs (or lack of such) be a factor in which applications will be accepted, which applicants will be accepted for a staff or volunteer position, and/or how long they are retained in their position.
  4. Although we accept anyone who may have differing religious beliefs (or none at all), we recognize that some people who are being considered for top leadership positions might feel more comfortable and might be more productive in those positions if their religious views were similar to those expressed by our Board of Directors.

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