Non-Discrimination Policy

H10 Ministries

H10 Ministries – Non-Discrimination Policy 


  1. H10 Ministries provides assistance to people in need.
  2. At no time during the application process will a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, religion beliefs (or lack of such) be a factor in determining if we can help or how much we can help.
  3. We believe in and try to practice the principles that we find in the Bible – that we should help people in need; we are to care about all people, not judge them.
  4. The application process involves a written application, a personal interview and a process to verify the information we obtain, an effort to identify others who can help the applicant (friends, family, or other local agencies), and a review of the applicant’s plan to move toward a place of financial self-sufficiency if we help with current needs.
  5. Applications for assistance are considered by the H10 Board of Directors to determine when and if we can help and how much we can help.



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