Emergency Assistance

Temporary Help in Time of Crisis

Helping People in Time of Crisis

H10’s mission is to touch lives, change hearts, and love people to Christ by helping provide for their spiritual and physical needs. We aim to share God’s love and serve our community in a number of different ways: 

Food Assistance, Housing for Low Income Elderly, Emergency Housing, Eviction Prevention, Employment Resources, Additional Resources for Encouraging Self-Sufficiency, Education Assistance, Prayer, Discipleship / Mentoring

Changed Lives

We Were Getting Very Desperate

In the fall of 2016, our family faced a financial crisis that left us living in a hotel for 13 weeks. We were trying to make ends meet plus save for a rental. While our hearts were always on the Lord, we were getting very desperate. I knew God would send us help because I just kept hearing Him say to me, “tell your story”. I met Julie through her sister in law, who raved about H10 ministries, we’re able to help people out of situations like ours. Being a typically closed off person, I began to tell our story like God wanted me to. Julie, Bert and the help of others, H10 ministry was able to round up enough donation money to help us into a rental. We are beyond grateful for God putting them in our path. Almost 5 years later, we own a thriving company, give back to our community and help others all because of the generosity of H10 by giving us a chance to shine!

Jesus Showed Up

I didn’t know where to turn and I was praying to God to find a way out of the mess I had created. I shared with Julie that I needed help and Jesus showed up. Julie told me she had a ministry and they could help with the deposit on my new place. The relief to know that I wasn’t alone was enough to get me into my own place and on the road to recovering my life. Thank you H10 ministries. – Cassandra H. 

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