Ministry in Mexico

 H10 is thankful for the opportunity to continue to partner with Messiah Yeshua Ministries in Mexico, providing financial and prayer support to this vital ministry. Messiah Yeshua Ministries was founded in the mid 1990’s by Jim Jordan. Jim went there as a full-time missionary and became a street evangelist – handing out gospel tracts daily and setting up new home church fellowships. The ministry has grown considerably after World Missionary Press ( asked Jim to become their director for the nation of Mexico. With Jim’s leadership, millions of scripture booklets are shipped to thousands of pastors throughout the country and are then distributed by their congregations to the people in their area. This ministry is one of God’s lights in a dark place.  


Update from Mexico

November 2018

 We are excited to announce that the ministry in Mexico is growing and expanding in a lot of amazing ways! They have been asked by World Missionary Press to expand the entire ministry to all Central American countries. The work now includes dozens missionaries supplying Bibles and scripture material to thousands of pastors throughout the country, starting many home churches and a 2-year Bible discipleship program with more than 500 program graduates who have become full time missionaries.  



We recently received this email from Mexico sharing a true story that shows the power of God's written word to change lives. The grammar is printed as it was from the author:

"We now have been receiving material, scripture booklets, and bible studies from you guys for two years.  

Our people are out every afternoon going door to door handing out scripture booklets. And yes we have had some problems from time to time for instance one day I went to a house and said hello and could I have a glass of water the lady said yes one minute, when she returned she said sit down on a bench in the front of the house and we visited which is normal and in our conversation I asked if I could give her something she said yes, so I reached into my bag and handed her a scripture booklet, she looked at it and said I should wait a minute for her husband to come out. So I sat there in the shade of the tree, in a few minutes her husband came out holding a pistol and told me this is what I think of your God and shot me in the leg, they had to remove my leg from the knee down. Sounds bad? Well I still pastor my church and it has not slowed me down, about six months later as I was walking down the street using crutches, I saw the lady and she came up to me running I thought oh lord here goes another leg. But she said sir my family has been mafia for many years and my husband shot you but you left the scripture booklet How To Know God and as time pasted we read it and the words in that booklet changed our lives our whole family accepted Jesus in our hearts and if you would could you supply us with a supply of these booklets to hand out, I said gladly. You see friends to many the cost was great but for me the blessings were far greater I would gladly give my other leg or even my life to see the light of Christ move in someone’s life. The man who shot me has a very strong group in his house and they hand out around 200-300 booklets a day. Thank you for being in Mexico and supplying Mexico with these life giving booklets.